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All brands start with a bright idea, every great brand starts with a strategy.

SPICE your Brand Strategy

We believe that there is a big misunderstanding about what a brand is, what it consists of and how effective it can be across a business.  Brands have historically been built upon the visual treatment of logos and communication but this is no longer enough for today’s tech-driven business world.  A brand needs to reflect a deep understanding of what it stands for, deliver this with clarity and align with customer’s expectations of how it behaves and everything it does.

Using research and scientific-based information, your brand strategy delivers a roadmap that defines you and positions you in the minds of your competitors and customers.

It’s only at this point that your visual identity and image can truly represent who you are.

Our process

We use ‘SPICE’ in your strategic journey to add a distinctive flavour of ‘unique’ about your business and how this can be expressed through your brand. It uncovers the unmet needs of your customers and helps position your company to fill that space, while also building a strong personality that connects with customers and stakeholders.

The outcome

Evaluating and realigning what you do through your strategic journey delivers a solid foundation for the whole of your brand that can be used to drive consistency across internal and external messaging, communication, image, sales and marketing.

Our brand projects have helped to;

  • Deliver insight into the value of an everyday service.
  • Drive changes in credibility.
  • Increase membership within a trade organisation.
  • Increase the sales value of a business.
  • Open up new markets.
  • Increase staff and customer loyalty.

Above all, we deliver clarity and understanding to your brand that defines you and your unique position in the market place.

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‘Where, What’ and ‘How’ do we do things?



‘What’ and ‘Where’ should we be to deliver the most value?



‘What’ is our personality and ‘How’ should we behave?



‘Who’ are our customers and ‘How’ do we reach them?



‘What’ is our passion and ‘Why’ do we exist?

On-Brand’ Magazine reported that a documented brand strategy is vitally important – Those that have one have a considerable market advantage.


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