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Brand Perception

Easy isn’t it! It’s what you tell everyone to believe about you! Except it doesn’t quite work that way.

You see, the perception of your brand isn’t owned by you, it’s owned by your customers, suppliers and other people that you deal with and who come into contact with your business.

Perception is about influencing and nurturing positive experiences and relationships, it can’t be forced upon people through a statement, image or logo alone (although they’re important brand touch-points).

So, what’s perception and why is it important?

Your customers are how your business exists and you need to take every opportunity you can to leave them with the right impression of you.

Put simply, it’s about using every strategic brand tool available to drive positive emotional feelings about your brand. Delivering a positive consistent perception earns trust, increases loyalty, improves new business and attracts quality staff.

“Globally 59% of customers are happy to pay more for a ‘trusted’ brand’s products/services and continue to buy even if a competitor is getting better reviews.”
Marketing Charts

With no strategy in place to manage the perception of your brand, customers will decide for them- selves. The outcome may not always match your expectations.

Think of the recent VW diesel fuel scandal.

Without the loyalty and goodwill of the existing VW brand, it could have spelt disaster for the car maker.

OK, how do we manage and influence perception?

Brand experiences are shaped and managed by strategic tools known as touch-points. These are created to express and influence the impressions and ultimately feelings your audiences have towards your brand.

Like putting the right jigsaw pieces into place, touchpoints are the tools that enable the right channels to drive the right messages to the right people at the right time.

Many of the touchpoints you may be familiar with such as Logo, Brochures and Website but this also includes softer tools such as Personality, Position, and Tone of Voice.

So, where do I get these strategic tools?

These influencing tools or touch-points are all developed through the strategic development process.

When all of the relevant touch-points
consistently work together, you have a powerful set of assets that not only influences brand perception but collectively helps add to the bottom-line value of your business by building brand equity.

Handled well, this brand built equity drives higher net business value and is a great bargaining chip during business mergers, aquisitions or sale negotiations.

To summarise:

Driving and influencing a positive perception should be an important part of every business.

An established strategy will align the right tools to deliver consistency and clarity for messaging, communication and how you operate – directly influencing perception.

By understanding your position in the market, your customers and the messages you need to reach them with, you are in an enviable position to influence their perception of you.

Building a strong perception of your brand can add financial value to your business.

Want to take your brand to another dimension that’s way beyond your logo, typeface and colour scheme?

Your opportunity

We know how demanding it is to run, manage or start a business. For many Brand Strategy is something for big companies or that you have no need for, but you’re wrong.

‘A documented brand strategy is vitally important – Those that have one have a considerable market advantage.’ On brand Magazine.

That’s why, to make life easier for you, we created our personal Brand Strategy Planner. It sets out a course of action for improving your business brand and meeting your business growth objectives.

Brand Asset Creator, builds on the Brand strategy Planner foundations and develops corporate and marketing assets that consistently speak to your audience through relevant imagery, messaging, and tone of voice.

Why not talk to us;?
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