Patterson Products

Following a packaging rebrand, Paterson found their new naming and packaging commanded increased shelf space, generated greater awareness and ‘flew’ off retailers shelves.

Business ambition

Early discussions with Paterson Group defined the need to deliver new product packaging that followed their traditional style.

The process

Upon investigation of the market, it was recommended that launching the new products using the existing pack style would be detrimental to its success.

A complete product naming analysis was conducted to explore how further new and existing products could be encompassed. Brand name options and a newly revised brand product architecture were eventually approved and adopted. 

While developing design options in the existing style, new designs directions were also explored and presented that elevated the packaging and created greater shelf appeal. This new design direction was approved by the main board and initially rolled out across the new products.

The solution resulted in:

    • New brand naming architecture
    • Bespoke photography
    • New printing techniques
    • Revised typography and visual styling

The business outcome delivered:

  • Significant increase in retail shelf space
  • Increased sales of product that meant increases in production
  • Improved customer perception of the brand
  • Better product naming architecture and name recall
  • Success of the new design leading to a re-packaging programme across the whole business product range


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