Brandauer broochure case



Subtle brand style revisions, new literature, and website delivered rapid results following a communication audit. The design solutions conveyed Brandauer's core skills and strong company ethos key ingredients that supported their new strategy for growth.


Business ambition

Brandauer’s new strategy for growth was built upon their heritage of using unusual materials to deliver innovative solutions with new technology.


The process

An audit of the existing marketing material delivered a ‘me too’ approach that did not convey the core skills and ethos that helped to set Brandauer apart.

Internal discussion and focus group ‘outcome’, agreed a brave departure from typical engineering literature.

The brochure built upon key words to convey the ‘can do, nothing’s impossible’ attitude of Brandauer. Print finishing techniques of em-bossing, de-bossing and foil blocking, were all used to convey core skills and use of rare and unusual metals.   

The combination created a truly memorable piece of literature that customers wanted to keep.



A unique solution to Brandauer
Delivery of key messages and skills
Memorable literature that customers kept
Rise in awareness of Brandauer


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