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Warm and lively graphic styling for a newly refurbished sexual health clinic successfully created a welcoming environment.

Business ambition

To generate a warm, interesting and lively internal environment for Archway's new Sexual Health Clinic after a complete structural refurbishment and fitting out.

The process

Early involvement in the project provided access to the refurbishment and discussion on materials and possible design directions. While understanding the brand guidelines for relatively cold NHS paint colours, we recommended introducing warmer colours to compensate.

This included:

  • Development of a new internal graphic style
  • Graphics that were flexible and could adapt to the scale of the building spaces
  • A colour palette that added vibrancy and warmth to the interior


The internal colour palette was an immediate success lifting the spirits of clinic visitors and staff, helping to make the clinic experience welcoming and friendly. The success of the internal graphic styling also led to its adoption to literature and external signing. The design and colour palette also heavily influenced the choice and style of reception area furniture.


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