Reviewing & building your value


‘What is your purpose’?


Using our DNA process, brand audits, web and search audits, personas, customer and competitor research we seek to define a strong foundation on which to build your sense of purpose.

We work with small and medium size independents and blue chip marketing teams across manufacturing, education, legal, financial, and NHS as well as the public services sector. Brandmotive's focus is to deliver compelling design driven solutions that improve competitiveness and builds growth.


Your proposition

This is who we are and what we doan approach that all too many companies take.  Your proposition has to be built around what your customers are looking for. Our process helps define this message, builds on what makes you unique and aligns you with the needs of your customers. From building a simple brand refresh to deeper, creative brand reviews, we will work with you to define your business or product drivers, sense of purpose and what you stand for.

Building a trust for your brand

To succeed and develop brands have to develop a strong element of Trust.  Through trust, you influence customers to come back time and time again?

Research has revealed 'trust' can be broken into 4 components and when your brand consists of all 4 components that make up trust, (Credibility, Reliability, Intimacy, and Low self-orientation), the result can be an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Nurturing each of these areas adds up to a strong trust factor and builds a strong bond between your customers and your brand.


Creative approach

It is well known that 75% of buyer decisions are based on emotional reactions and responses. It is vitally important that your visual style, the tone of voice and language, generate the right emotional response to support your business message.

We make sure these elements of your brand and communication deliver the right message, putting you in the best position to compete against bigger and better-resourced competitors and help build the all important trust factor.

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