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Resolving a long-standing product display challenge, created a show-stopping exhibition piece.

Business ambition

To find a solution for displaying a diverse range of micro components and pressings in a fresh and unique way?

The process

The challenge was an issue that Brandauer had sought to resolve for some time. The outcome often resulting in conventional off-the-shelf solutions.

Our approach was to understand the range and complexity of products needing to be displayed. Plus, the range of functions and situations that products would need to be displayed.

We clarified the need to:

  • Be easy to transport and assemble
  • Avoid loss of product
  • Display a wide range
  • Reflect the brand
  • Be visually stimulating

Following brainstorming and research, a final design concept was approved. Pushing the process we used to its limits, we created 6 individual encapsulated slabs of products. The clear slabs, fixed in a bespoke freestanding unit (with l.e.d. lighting to flood the product with colour), delivered a powerful on-brand solution.


      • A bespoke solution to Brandauer
      • Alignment of solution to product and brand
      • Created a significant draw to exhibition stands
      • Easily transported and assembled
      • Visually stimulating

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